Friday, May 3, 3016

Hello and welcome to my page.

I am full time scientific glassblower and a part time glass artist. 

I work with borosilicate glass(the type of glass that they used to

make cookware from). My specialty is floral marbles and pendants.

Every once in awhile I sculpt, also.

Since I am a glassblower/artist, I know the bare minimum about 

web pages, blogs and social media. I do have accounts with 

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, however and most of my art gets 

posted on those outlets. I am trying to do a better job of keeping 

this site updated. But, the sure fire way to see my newest art is to 

follow me on Instagram or Facebook, for which I will provide 

links. One other link I will provide is to my Etsy store where I will 

have available artwork listed for sale.





You can contact me through any of those or 

by email

Thank you for visiting my page.

Steve McCarthy